What is BizRoamer?

With the advances of Internet technology and smart mobile devices (such as, iPhone, Android™ phones), everyone's life has changed in one way or the other, especially, for those who travel. In fact, we all travel around during our daily life, from kids going to school, adults going to work, salesperson visiting customers, families vacationing aboard, and etc. There are myriad of travel sites around. However, most of them are built for booking airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, cruises and restaurants, which they receive their revenues from. There aren’t that many sites and mobile apps that can keep your family connected and manage your business travel like BizRoamer can.

BizRoamer helps to organize our daily life activities better from personal, business to leisure. It turns chaos into order by making it easy for anyone to:

  • Organize personal travel and activities
  • Keep track of business travel and expenses
  • Help small business to better manage mobile work force in the field

Why did we create BizRoamer?

We are real people who have family with kids; our jobs require some light to heavy amounts of traveling. We have tried to strike a balance between family and work for a long time. Technology can help us to better manage our daily personal and business life, keep us organized and connected, so that we can enjoy our life with our loved ones and do the things that we love to do.

As smart phone users and engineers, we also believe that smart phone and Internet technology should make life easier, not harder. In December 2010, we founded BizRoamer during the winter snow storm while preparing for the travel expenses for tax returns. We made it our mission to simplify our personal and business travel experience and stay connected with family and friends.

We like hearing from you, so feel free to contact us anytime at feedback@bizroamer.com

Best wishes,

The BizRoamer Team
December 2010